Make a Children’s Nightgown or Dress from Your Old T-Shirt – A simple tutorial in 4 easy steps

My oldest daughter had no PJ’s for the hot weather.  “Everything is too hot!” she said.  No, it can’t be. . . she was right.  Everything was flannel and fleece.  But I have already blown my budget for the month.  Between summer supplies, summer clothes, field trips and so on, I am maxed out.

To my drawers I went and I pulled out 3 shirts that I almost never wear.  They are too short and my tummy peeks out when I reach my hands up over my head.  No one wants to see that!

So here is how I turned some old long sleeved v-neck t-shirts into cute little nightgowns for my daughter in 4 super easy steps.

The shirts are a woman’s medium and I would say that a 5T to 6X could easily wear them.

Step 1 – Cut off the sleeves and neck, tight at the seam.  My t-shirts were v-necks with an existing generous opening.  If you are using a smaller crew neck, you may want to make the opening a little larger.

Step 2 – Shape the “Dress”.  Taper both sides a bit, cut off an oblong triangle from each side.  Sorry, my picture only shows one side, but do cut both sides please!

Step 3 – Sew the sides back up.  I used my serger, but you can use a regular straight stitch.  Because the shirts are knit, the edges will not fray like quilting cotton.

Step 4– Add elastic to the neck line.  I used a skinny 1/8″ elastic and blind stitched it.  To do this you straight stitch the end of your elastic for about a 1/4″ to the shoulder seam.

Then switch to a long wide zig-zag stitch.  I changed mine to 5mm and 2.5mm.  Pull the elastic tight, BUT NOT THE FABRIC.  Zig-zag over the elastic.   At the end straight, stitch again to attach.

When you are done you get a great stretchy gather, perfect for necklines!

Done!  I made 3 in 30 minutes!

I left the edges rough because it is just a nightgown and the baby had enough of her jumperoo.  My time was up!

But if you turned the edges over and hemmed them, you could have a super cute dress.  It would only take a few extra minutes to hem and it would be fun to do with some of our old graphic t’s.  HMM – I may need to try that!

I submitted this to Skip To My Lou for a “Made By You” Feature.  Hop on over there to see all the other great ideas and posts Cindy has to offer.

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One Response to Make a Children’s Nightgown or Dress from Your Old T-Shirt – A simple tutorial in 4 easy steps

  1. tomkatkeen says:

    These look cute, comfy, and easy to make!! Thank you for sharing!

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